Teaching Staff:

Lisa DiOrio lisa.diorio@tufts.edu

TA Contact Info:
Robert Yang robert.yang@tufts.edu
Miko Hadeshian mikael.hadeshian@tufts.edu
Peter Gramaglia peter.gramaglia@tufts.edu
Jonathan Vithoontien Jonathan.vithoontien@tufts.edu
Jacqueline Nguyen jacqueline.nguyen@tufts.edu
Kingsley Udoyi kingsley.udoyi@tufts.edu

Course Desription & Prereq’s

Course Description: An introduction to techniques, principles, and practices of writing computer programs for the World Wide Web. Server and browser capabilities and limits. Media types, handlers, and limitations. Web programming languages and techniques. Web security, privacy, and commerce. Lectures augmented with programming projects illustrating concepts and current practice.

Prerequisite:  COMP 11: Introduction to Computer Science


  • Assignments/Mini-Assignments:  40%
    Mini-assignments are generally expect to take 2-3 hours or less and are worth 1/2 as much as a full assignment.  
  • Quizzes: 25%
    Quizzes are given in class.  If you need to be absent for a quiz you MUST let me know in advance.
  • Midterm/Final project (group projects): 25%
    Each member of the group will get the same grade – it is imperative for you to select a solid team.
  • Participation and Effort: 10%
    full credit for participation in class and Piazza, being a good group member, making clear effort on assignments. and overall professional interaction with students and teaching team.

Late Policy

Up to 48 hours, 10% deduction.
After that – reviewed/graded at the discretion of the teaching staff

Office Hours

  • Sun 2pm Halligan
  • Tues 6pm Halligan   – note earlier time!
  • Thurs 1:30pm Tisch Cafe


Piazza sign up link: http://piazza.com/tufts/fall2019/comp20

Course Schedule

Sep 3, 5 Course Introduction
What is web and how it works
What is a web page and how does it move through the internet to get to you
What’s the point (why do we create web pages anyway)
Intro to HTML
Sep 10, 12 HTML elements: blocks, links, images, forms
CSS: rules, properties
Where to place CSS in your code
Using “inspect”
SEO considerations: Image size and Image alt, Titles and meta
Sep 17, 19

XML Technologies
Formatting XML
Mobile and responsive design

Sep 24, 26

Quiz – end of class on Sep 24

Tools: Git and version control.
Client side programming: Javascript
Javascript as a language:
operators, conditionals, loops, functions, objects
Javascript function library

Oct 1, 3

Interactive design using Javascript:
Javascript events
Reading /writing on the web page
Javascript and forms

Oct 8, 10

Quiz – end of class Oct 8

Persistence (cookies)
Creating special f/x

Oct 17
(mini – break , Oct 15)


 Oct 22, 24

Makeup Quiz


What is a CMS and why are they important
Intro to WordPress and back-end admin of a site

Oct 29, 31

JSON and why it is important
JSON notation 

AJAX (Asynchonous design)

Nov 5,7

Quiz end of class on Nov 7 
What is a database
Relational database concepts
Intro to Mongo DB

Nov 12, 14 Server side programming
Nov 19, 21  Quiz Nov 21
Server side programming
Nov 26
(mini – break ,Nov 28)
 Course Wrap Up
Dec 3, 5 Lightning Talks, Project Presentations