CS20: Assessment & Quizzes


  • Quizzes (6)                           30%
  • Weekly assignments (12)     40%
  • Group projects (2)                30%
  • Extra credit: Special assignments or exemplary work
    Counts toward assignment or quiz score – whichever of those two will make the biggest difference in your grade

Grade Mapping

A+  98+            A    94-97.9          A-   90-93.9
B+  88-89.9        B    83-87.9          B-   80-82.9
C+  78-79.9        C    73-77.9          C-   70-71.9
D+  68-69.9        D    63-67.9          D-   60-62.9
Below 60, fail


  • There are six quizzes – starting in week 3, there will be a quiz every other week.
  • Material covered in a quiz will be focused on the prior two weeks, but may include material older than that. (i.e., quiz week 5 will focus on material in weeks 3,4 but may include material from weeks 1,2)
  • Quizzes are online in canvas. You will have 48 hours to complete a quiz from when it is posted.
  • Quizzes are open book, but should be completed on your own – anything else will be considered cheating
  • There are no makeups except in extreme circumstances
  • If you have an issue with the schedule for a quiz, let the instructor know as early as possible.
  • Tip: review material from the previous 3 weeks prior to taking the quiz