CS20: Course Information

Course Logistics

  • I don’t put out stuff for you to read that is not necessary – so please read all notices
  • There is no textbook to purchase! Be diligent about assigned readings.
  • Be at each class – or have a classmate take notes if you really need to skip.
  • Always feel free to ask questions during class.
  • Assignments – its where a lot of learning will happen.
    – Due Monday nights at 9pm
    – Completing all assignments is the best route to an A
  • Short quizzes for demonstration of theoretical knowledge – start in week 3 then every other week.
  • Several office hours available with Instructor and TA’s. Additional times on request. Office Hours are online in Sococo and in Halligan outside the department office. Changes in office hour scheduling will be noted in Piazza
  • Piazza for communication/announcements/questions
  • Canvas for assignment submission and grading
  • Sococo” office space”:  You will find “Lisad office” on  the main floor as well as a CS 20 room
  • Weekly announcement in Piazza: what is due, upcoming assignments and quizzes, schedule changes.


  • Please pay attention to the spec for each assignment
  • You may need to submit more than once in Canvas for different elements of an assignment – that’s ok. Or you may combine several files into a compressed (zip) file
  • Important: Leave all URL’s active until a grade is posted
  • Test all work before and after submitting
  • Inform the grader if there is a part of the assignment you did not get working

Late policy for assignments

  • 1 hour late: excused
  • 1 hour to 24 hours late  5 point deduction
  • 24 to 72 hours late:  15 point deduction
  • More than 72 hours grade is 0


  • Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis
  • Send an email or private message in piazza to the instructor no later than 4 hours prior to the deadline– indicate the following:
    • Why you need the extension
    • How much time you need
  • All requests receive a response – if you do not see a response within 24 hours, please resend.

Extra Credit

There will be several extra credit opportunities.  You may earn a maximum of 100 points extra credit. It will be applied to your assignment or quiz grade at the end of the semester – wherever you need it most.  Take advantage of extra credit early in the semester in case you need it later!

  • Best domain 1st place
  • Best domain 2nd place
  • Javascript e/c
  • Usability e/c
  • Jade delight e/c
  • Stock ticker e/c
  • Midterm project post mortem