CS20 Web Programming

Spring 2022

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Course Description & Prereq’s

An introduction to techniques, principles, and practices of writing computer programs for the World Wide Web. Server and browser capabilities and limits. Media types, handlers, and limitations. Web programming languages and techniques. Web security, privacy, and commerce. Lectures augmented with programming projects illustrating concepts and current practice.


COMP 11 or COMP 15 are required


There is no textbook for this class- but I have selected readings and/or videos that you are expected to review to accompany each topic.

Suggested Skills

This is a course in web programming.  You do not need to know anything about the web- we will cover than in class.  But you should have solid grasp of programming concepts, and you should be able to create a moderately complex piece of code.  If you have any concerns, please talk to me!

Course Goals

  • Get you from 0 to 60 – FAST!
  • Understand the many modalities of Web Programming – it’s not what you may think!
  • Get your dev skills to the next level
  • Along the way, learn some very useful software tools that will serve you well in future endeavors (and look cool on a resume)

Teaching Team:

Lisa DiOrio lisa.diorio@tufts.edu


Daniel Williams
Dhiraj Chakravorty
Eddy He
Eliza Encherman
Grace Ye
Gun Yang
Haijun Si
Harnaljia Fenelon
Helen Li
Isra Ali
Kent Guan
Pranav Jain
Raphael Obu
Sophia Wang
Theo Dayton-Mohl
Vivian Li
Yong Tan
Yuehan Dai

Communication & Assistance

Office Hours

Lisa’s office hours:
After class in the classroom
Wed 10am, Zoom link:  https://tufts.zoom.us/j/95390816650?pwd=OUFOMGtyR201SlZwdHNEamFUdlkwQT09  

TA Office hours:
* indicates zoom only
Zoom OH link:  https://tufts.zoom.us/j/95390816650?pwd=OUFOMGtyR201SlZwdHNEamFUdlkwQT09  

In person OH are in Cummings 457 (4th Floor Cummings behind the kitchen)

Sunday:  11am
Sunday:   6pm*
Monday:  1:30 PM
Tuesday: 3pm
Tuesday: 7:30pm*
Wednesday: 7pm*
Thursday: 7pm
Friday: 2:30pm
Sat:  11am*

To attend online office hours please use this linkhttps://tufts.zoom.us/j/95390816650?pwd=OUFOMGtyR201SlZwdHNEamFUdlkwQT09 

Additional office hours are available on request between the hours of 9am and 9pm. It is best to post your request on Piazza at least 24 hours in advance.

TA Office Hours Policy:  Office Hours will last for approximately an hour.  If you need more time, it is at the discretion of the TA as to whether they can stay longer.  Important!  If no one shows up for an Office Hours slot within the first 20 minutes, the TA may end early.


Send requests/posts as much as possible through Piazza


Assignments will be posted and are to be submitted using Canvas.
Make sure you have access!

Weekly Announcements

Will be posted in Piazza at the beginning of each week with any important announcements or schedule updates.