CS 20: Student Onboarding

As part of the course, we will be using various technologies and tools and you will need to create several accounts.  Some of these will not be used until the second half of the semester, but it will be helpful to have all of the accounts established up front in case you have any problems.

The accounts and downloads are all free.  If you are asked to for something, you are probably requesting the wrong thing.

Project Teams

You will be doing a group project for both the midterm and final.  There should be 4 people per team.  Start to think about who you want on your team  Hint:  choose team members with a variety of skills.


All assignment submissions and grades will be done via canvas.  If you are registered for this class, you were added to Canvas.  If you do not see this course in your list on Canvas, please let the teaching staff know ASAP.


All course communication including announcements and Q&A is done via Piazza.
All students were invited to the course Piazza.  Accept the invite if needed.  Let us know ASAP if you do not see an invite,


Sign up for a free account on Zoom.  You may need this for Office Hours help.

Website hosting (C-Panel)

You will need a website hosting account through the semester.   There are several companies with low cost hosting.
I have worked out a deal with siteground.com for one year of free hosting for my students at Tufts.
Sign up at:  https://www.siteground.com/students/
Make sure you sign up for cPanel hosting, not WordPress hosting.

FTP Client

You need to get an ftp client to be able to transfer files on to the web.  I suggest WS-FTP or FileZilla (which I use).  Both are free downloads.

Code Editor

I like Adobe Dreamweaver if you can get it for free.  W3Schools has an online editor for free: https://www.w3schools.com/tryit/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_default
Or search “HTML Editor” to find one you like.


Github will be used for file storage, website hosting, version control and collaboration.  Establish an account on github.com.  Note that a Github account does not take the place of the C-Panel based website hosting.


Postman is a slick tool for testing API calls.  Sign up for an account.


You will need an account on mongodb.com to create a cloud hosted MongoDB database.


Heroku is a deployment engine.  You will use it to deploy a Node.JS application.  Set up a Free level account on heroku.com.